Friday, October 22, 2010

I love 20 minute projects

I went through a tote bag phase back in the spring, when I found this tutorial by Betz White. I made one for the beach, one for the library, one for just hanging around. Today, I made the fall version. I happen to have a husband who brings home canvas tote bags all*the*time, so had plenty of inventory. The fabric, $.75 thrift store find. Oh yeah! Love my new fall tote!

A new swap!

I recently joined the Trim the Tree Ornament Swap ~ we swap an ornament with three different partners. This will be my first time swapping internationally! I think I sound cool when I talk about my friends in, oh, wait, on the really really off chance they're reading this blog, I'll wait and reveal my partners later. I haven't done paper piecing in forever, and kinda forgot how to do it, but I drew out a rough pattern and these are the results. Definitely have that imperfect, hand made feel. Best part of all - it's only October. Me. Done.