Thursday, July 18, 2013

A Tale of Two Cabins

Log Cabins, that is.

Our next challenge in the Baltimore Modern Quilt Guild is Modern Log Cabins. The challenge is to make one, or a few, that will ultimately be donated to the South East Early Head Start Program (SEEHS.) We've done a few projects for the center, and always like to supply them with quilts (each child in the program gets a quilt and a book, so they can create their own cozy reading corner at home.) 

So, for Cabins #1, I asked my gals in Bee Vintage to make me wonky log cabins (out of vintage sheets, natch.)

I'm not so sure yet. I think they're kind of looking a little washed out. Although on my monitor, they look better. But I also perked them up in Photoshop, which I can't do in real life. I threw the grey in there to see if I like it better with a little sashing. Again, not so sure. And, I don't really love sewing sashing.

Anyway, for Cabin #2, I pulled out my solids scrap bin, and took out the reds, blues, whites, creams and greys. Oh, and black, too.

Here's what I have so far. And I really like it. But, is it too, I don't know, too mature maybe for infant to three year olds?

I think I need to keep working on both.

Sunday, July 14, 2013

Fabric Dying with Malka

Yesterday my guild (Baltimore Modern) hosted world renowned quilter, fabric designer, author and all around super fun gal, Malka Dubrawsky. Despite the heat, we all (25 of us!) had a great time patterning and dying fabric to make our own unique batiks. Malka is funny, warm and generous, and you immediately feel like you've made a good friend when you talk to her. We chatted about our kids, our cities and Instagram (which I don't know a whole lot about because I have a Barbie Doll cell phone, but I think I totally need to get on this I Phone bandwagon and start Insta graming my life.) Here is Malka's link on Instagram. She made some videos, including me doing our super cool secret handshake (which, I'm a little miffed at myself, because I screwed up the snail part ~ it's supposed to be your first and second fingers ~ well, you'll figure it out.)

Here are a bunch of photos from our day:

show and tell

A pillow top using some of her upcoming fabrics

Pretties in the garden and The Painting workshop

Okay, here are some shots of Malka and me. I had to post them both, because in the first one, she looks totally bored and not at all excited to be standing next to me, which is not true, because she told me so (well, she didn't exactly tell me so, but I could tell she was excited and not bored.)

In this one we were supposed to do silly faces, but she looks cute and I just look stupid, so please try to morph the two photos in your mind (and if I were better at Photoshop I'd do it for you) and have one pleasing image.

Thanks, Malka, for a great day!

Thursday, July 11, 2013

Penguins are the new owls

That's what a gal in my guild said when I showed her this guy:

I love his little yo yo eyes...

and textured tummy...

I made him while pattern testing/tweaking this pattern for BasicGrey. The fabric is from the Little Black Dress collection. I'm not great at making softies and dolls, so this was a stretch. I think he came out well though. And when this penguin trend really takes off, I'm so in the lead!