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Pineapple (squared)

A funny thing happened on the way to the printer….

I originally had two versions of this quilt. The cover version, and one a tad bit longer (10” to be exact.) I made the cover version (obviously), but in my haste to get the pattern to the printer, I had the longer pattern version printed. Ugh.
So, lets turn the lemons into lemonade! (Pineapples into pineapple-ade??) Now you have a choice of sizes!
The smaller, cover version, measures 52” x 65”.
Changes to the original pattern:
Make 12 pineapple body blocks, instead of 16. 
Backing fabric: 4 yards, cut in half, sewn together on the long seam.
Batting, at least 62” x 75”

Construction remains the same!

To download and print a copy of this, click on the image above.

Any questions – send me an email!

Thank you!  -Heather

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