Sunday, June 28, 2015

Small Projects, Big Ideas

That sums up my quilting lately. A few little things, like this mini quilt (that I'll be sending off to someone in the #textmeminiswap) 

and this bag, which I hope will develop into a class

and this journal cover, just because I haven't made a journal cover in a year or so

and this pouch, which will accompany the a fore mentioned bag.

And then the big ideas, like what to do with beautiful stack of fabric from Blank Quilting. (A blog hop and giveaway will be a part of this! Stay tuned.)

And when to finally learn this

And how to find the time to put together these (a graduation quilt for Kyle, who graduated 6 weeks ago.)

and the list goes on and on. 

I find that my quilting is like that. Big and small. Ebb and flow. I knock off a few things on my little's list, then dive into a bigger project. Usually there's a healthy portion of both on my quilter's plate. One thing for sure, I'll never starve for need of another project.

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