Tuesday, December 14, 2010

First Snow

A Christmas Quilt

I started this quilt back in September for a few reasons: 1. I hadn't started a new project in, say, oh, 3 or 4 days 2. I wanted to be part of something, and Pat Sloan's Quilt A Long came along 3. I had all the ingredients in my stash. (I'll do that with food, too. I'll make a recipe, not necessarily because I love it, but because I have everything I need to make it in the pantry. Black Bean and Sweet Potato Stew comes to mind) At first, I didn't looove it, but I liked it well enough. Despite my being applique challenged, it went together really quickly, with a minimum of cursing. The cursing came when I thought that quilting it with gold metallic thread (there's a bit of gold metallic in the fabrics) would be a brilliant idea. Don't ever quilt with metallic thread. Ever. You will hate it and be mean to your cat, (who happens to looove gold metallic thread - so much that I'm regifting it and putting it in her little kitty stocking.) Anyway, after changing needles, lowering tension, starting and stopping, it got quilted. And you know what? I love this quilt!

She Thrifts. She Scores!

I used to love thrifting. I used to live where there were a lot of good, independent thrift stores with great prices, all within 5 miles of me. Now, not so much. I have to rely on Good Will and Salvation Army for my thrifting. SA is a bit geographically undersireable, so I'm usually stuck with Good Will. I wouldn't even mind it so much, but it seems like their prices have really gone up lately. I mean, really $4.75 for a sweater? I can buy a new one at Ann Taylor with a good sale and a family and friends coupon. Today, though, I had a mission. I needed to find "costume" type clothing, specifically white button down shirts. No such luck. (All the waiters of the world must also shop at Good Will.) Anyway, since I'm there, I wander over to the sheets. In the past, I've picked up a couple of vintage sheets . Not great ones, but okay ones. Today, though, as I round the corner, I see this:

I literally heard angels singing. I dash over and find two huge- as in king, in really good shape Vera pillowcases.

Good Will, I take back all the bad things I said about you.

Friday, October 22, 2010

I love 20 minute projects

I went through a tote bag phase back in the spring, when I found this tutorial by Betz White. I made one for the beach, one for the library, one for just hanging around. Today, I made the fall version. I happen to have a husband who brings home canvas tote bags all*the*time, so had plenty of inventory. The fabric, $.75 thrift store find. Oh yeah! Love my new fall tote!

A new swap!

I recently joined the Trim the Tree Ornament Swap ~ we swap an ornament with three different partners. This will be my first time swapping internationally! I think I sound cool when I talk about my friends in, oh, wait, on the really really off chance they're reading this blog, I'll wait and reveal my partners later. I haven't done paper piecing in forever, and kinda forgot how to do it, but I drew out a rough pattern and these are the results. Definitely have that imperfect, hand made feel. Best part of all - it's only October. Me. Done.

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Dream On Giveaway

Moda had come out with a new line, Dream On, which revives vintage sheet designs. Jennifer, at the Vintage Sheet Blog is having a giveaway, where you (or I!) could win this

or this

or this!!!

Head on over for you chance! (But don't get your heart set on the FQ bundle - it's mine! Mwha-ha-ha-ha-ha!)

Brown Bag Quilt Contest

Just came across this and had to join. After moving into my new quilting studio, (it sounds so fancy, so official, calling it a studio, like I might actuallly work there!), I've decided to haul out all my fabric from the cupboards and put it on shelving. Hasn't happened yet, but soon, soon. I'm sure I'll find quite a few what was I thinkings when I go through my stash. Perfect for this contest! And I really appreciate a good long lead time - nothing due 'til March, which makes for a perfect Jan/Feb project!

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Current WIP

When I first saw this quilt, I knew I had to make it out of vintage sheets. All of the largest squares and most of the mediums were fussy cut. Could never have done it without taking part in the Vintage Sheet Swap, (which is now in round 4 - I was going to skip this round, but I need to replenish my stash!) This is where I'm at right now. The original has 3 panels, but only works up to about 60x102, which would be great for a twin xl bed, but not my king. So, after seeking Katie's advice (yeah, make it bigger) I've got two more panels in the works. I hope to have it pieced by the end of the week. Not looking forward to quilting it, though. The quilting will be very, very simple, as in straight lines. With all the color going on in it, I don't think it will matter much. If I get super ambitious, maybe I can have it quilted, as were looking at about 10 hours of drive time over Labor Day weekend. (Hand sewing binding is one of my favorite driving activies - well, not driving, passengering activies. Closely followed by hexies!)

Catching up on bees!

I was going to join some swaps/bees over the summer. I'm so glad I resisted, because it was enough to fulfill the few committments that I had. But now, I think I'm ready to jump into a few more. These are for Bee Vintage and Sewfun2.

For Jilly, a Grandmother's Fan done in vintage linens.

For Jennifer, some hexies, again in VSs.

And for Heather in sewfun2, just some basic 9 patches. But she has big plans for them. (Crummy photo, great fabric!)

Finally getting back to photos and blogging

The summer has been buzy, to say the least. But, with everyone settling in and school about to start, I can see a routine starting (yay!)

This is from early summer at the bay.

Backyard visitors!

So this is where all the bird seed is going!

Sunday, May 30, 2010

Frustrating Apron

That's what I'm calling this one, because it was very frustrating to make. I'm pretty good with directions, but this had me "unsewing" at every step. Plus, when I was finished, and tried it on, it was a mile too long (didn't even consider the length while I was sewing and ripping and sewing again.) My lovely model is 5'6". Me, barely 5'2". You do the math.

Quilt for Kelly and Tim

Well, for their new baby, due in June. Very gender neutral, as they're not tellin'! The sashing and backing is made from white sheeting. I remember buying that fabric (before I knew any better) and thinking oh, cool, 400 thread count. 400 thread count is lovely on sheets, but when you're hand sewing the binding, not so much. I was grateful it was only a baby quilt. I hope they like it.

Saturday, May 29, 2010

You know the part in quilt making...

where you're so excited because you've made all the blocks, got your sashing done and have the quilt top pieced...

only to realize that you still have to add borders, make the binding, pin the sandwich, quilt the dang thing, add the binding and hand sew the back of the binding. I'm so there.

This is why...

I need a design wall.

Friday, May 28, 2010

Bee Vintage

My morning routine goes something like this: wake up, feed the cats, make the coffee, then head to the computer to do important work, like browse quilting blogs. One of the common things I found on these blogs were virtual quilting bees. I didn't really know what they were, but I knew I wanted to be in one. I admit, I was jealous. And a little peeved that no one had invited me to be in one (granted, I rarely blog, tweet or face book, so the virtual quilting world at large basically doesn't know I exist. I'm working on it.) Anyhow, I was sad and beeless. But, one morning, while I was doing important work, I checked in with Elizabeth at Oh Fransson! (when I say it like that, it makes you think I know her, right? Sadly, not yet) and found out about a Vintage Sheet Swap hosted by the super cute and amazingly organized Katie (who I know maybe a little bit - we've exchanged emails! And I'm moving much closer to her, so we'll be great friends soon.) Now, I had nary a vintage sheet to my name, but I signed on anyway. The great thing about collecting vintage sheets, you can get a pretty decent collection going in about a week with very little cash, especially if you go to Salvation Army on Wednesday, which is 1/2 price day around here. Right around that time it hit me, I can start a Vintage Sheet Quilting Bee. With Katie's blessing, I went ahead and posted about it. That was about a month ago. Today, I'm happy to say, we have enough gals participating to have two Bee Vintage bees! I'm super excited to have started this, and can't wait to get to know all of my new friends better. So now, I have a bee, I have online quilty friends, still don't know Elizabeth, but Virtual Quilting World - I have arrived!

Friday, May 7, 2010

Mother's Day Goodies

I sewed up some pouches for Gerri and Andrea for Mother's Day using this tutorial for the pouch from Skip to my Lou http://www.skiptomylou.org/2010/04/27/pleated-pouch-tutorial/ and another for the tissue pouch, but I can't remember where I saw it. So sorry. The tissue pouches sew up in a snap. The zipper pouches took a bit more work. I'm zipper challenged. But, over all, I think they came out really cute and I may have to whip up a set for me (I'm a mother, I count!)
Happy Mother's Day, everyone!

Me and my sweetie girl

Yes, we are wearing matching bows. You know you would if you could.

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Thrifty Gal

Which is not the same as being cheap. Although I am that, too. After being bitten by the vintage sheet bug (more on that later) I've been using some of my free time to browse thrift stores. The thrill of the hunt is so fun. And finding some "treasure" is just a bonus. Here are some of this week's finds:

I found these decorator samples at one store. They're all 26x26" upholstery weight fabrics. Each had 3 or 4 colorways. The first one I have two of. The last one is corduroy. I know I just saw something fabulous made out of corduroy out there in blog land. Wish I had bookmarked it. Got any good project ideas for my tapestries?

The cat, Paws, I already had. But I did pick up the argyle cashmere sweater that I made into a pillow. And then there's this pile o' zippers. I'll often find a great little project that I'd like to whip up, but alas, no zip. These little guys will last me for a bit!

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Time to get blogging again

An exciting time right now. Tons to do, but it's all good! I'll start of with something easy, like pictures of Kyle and his girlfriend Ashley from Ring Dance last weekend. Isn't she gorgeous? And, of course, he's so handsome!

Just the guys...

And just the girls...

Here's Kyle and Katie...

Bittersweet to see my little boy grow up.