Tuesday, December 14, 2010

A Christmas Quilt

I started this quilt back in September for a few reasons: 1. I hadn't started a new project in, say, oh, 3 or 4 days 2. I wanted to be part of something, and Pat Sloan's Quilt A Long came along 3. I had all the ingredients in my stash. (I'll do that with food, too. I'll make a recipe, not necessarily because I love it, but because I have everything I need to make it in the pantry. Black Bean and Sweet Potato Stew comes to mind) At first, I didn't looove it, but I liked it well enough. Despite my being applique challenged, it went together really quickly, with a minimum of cursing. The cursing came when I thought that quilting it with gold metallic thread (there's a bit of gold metallic in the fabrics) would be a brilliant idea. Don't ever quilt with metallic thread. Ever. You will hate it and be mean to your cat, (who happens to looove gold metallic thread - so much that I'm regifting it and putting it in her little kitty stocking.) Anyway, after changing needles, lowering tension, starting and stopping, it got quilted. And you know what? I love this quilt!

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