Thursday, February 28, 2013

A New Mini and Hopefully a New Friend!

Do you ever surf flickr and find an image that takes you to a blog and before you know it, 3 hours have passed? That happened a few weeks ago. I stumbled on this photo

The photo took me to Carol's blog (mamacjt). I don't know why her blog wasn't on my radar before. I was actually a swap partner of  hers a few years ago in the Mug Rug Swap. This is the beautiful mug rug (and goodies!) she sent me. 

If I had added her as a contact right then and there and I wouldn't have missed out on so much eye candy/inspiration. Carol is a true artist, and brings her incredible talents to everything she sews. I literally spent several hours going through the archives of her blog. Among other things, she creates these amazing quilt portraits. You know what, just pop over there right now and see what I mean.

Hey, glad you came back. I know, right? Such good stuff.

Anyway, I was inspired to copy create a mini based on one of hers. I've wanted to play with some scrappy, solid, improve blocks. This is what I came up with.

So different for me. Carol's came out about 12" square. Mine, not so much. More like 18. I like it though. Learned a lot. Like if I can't press toward the solid, I really should trim back those solid seams so they don't creep into the white. Or better yet, go with a grey background. And I think I should have extended the echo quilting over the entire background. What ev. Hubby's claimed it. He wants it hanging in the bathroom. Can't imagine why.

Saturday, February 23, 2013

Pillow Pop, my version

There's a new book out called Pillow Pop, compiled by Heather Bostic from the blog a la mode.
I really like it! With limited quilting time, pillows are the perfect project to satisfy a creative urge. Lots of projects from some of my favorite bloggers (and some new ones to check out!) The book even inspired me to finish UFO!

I made the tops, over two years ago. I participated in the Spice up your Kitchen swap on Flickr, and made my partner place mats (plus some other goodies!) based on this QAL by Cherri House. I made two extra panels at the time, thinking I'd eventually turn them into pillows. Didn't think it'd take me two years. I really love the brights solids against the Kona coal. I debated whether or not to do any quilting. I finally decided to do some simple straight line quilting to emphasize the horizontal lines. And I think the quilt batting adds a little more stability to the pillow in general. Honestly, once I got started, it took maybe two hours to finish them. Why did I wait so long? They really add a {Pillow} Pop of color on a dreary February day.

Working on a little mini quilt today. More solids. So not like me. Or maybe more like the new me! We'll see!

Sunday, February 17, 2013

So, Hi Again...

When bloggers take a break, be it a few days, weeks or months, there's the obligatory, Sorry I've been away, and here's why....

My why: I got a job. One that requires me to show up at 8 every morning, and stay until 5 ish. I tell you what, working takes up a LOT of time. And leaves very little time for sewing. And even less for blogging. Those bloggers who work outside the home, have kids and a life, and who also manage to blog on a regular basis: I tip my rotary cutter to you. You rock!

Some sewing has been going on. I participated in the Madrona Road challenge with my Baltimore Modern Quilt Guild. I'd show you the quilt, but I think I left it at work. Next week for that one. I can show you this though.

Yeah, I did it. A scrappy trip around the world (although, I set it in more of a chevron style.) I wasn't going to do this one. I have plenty of projects. But a few weeks ago I and a few friends from the guild taught a Modern Quilt Sampler workshop, which meant plenty of downtime while the other gals were teaching. I wanted to sew something relatively mindless. This was just the ticket. I ended up doing 20 blocks. I don't really love this. I don't hate it, but I don't love it. Up close, it looks like a hot mess. It really needs distance to get it. But, I'm glad I made it for two reasons: I found some great fabric combinations along the way. And, I realize I haven't got nearly enough lights in my stash. I'll need to remedy that asap!

The 2013 Bee Vintage group started up this month. Linda asked for Lady of the Lake. Lots of hsts! I think it will make a nice quilt.

Liz asked for a granny square block. This is the perfect block for vintage sheets!

So there. I blogged. Hope I can make it a more regular thing!