Sunday, February 17, 2013

So, Hi Again...

When bloggers take a break, be it a few days, weeks or months, there's the obligatory, Sorry I've been away, and here's why....

My why: I got a job. One that requires me to show up at 8 every morning, and stay until 5 ish. I tell you what, working takes up a LOT of time. And leaves very little time for sewing. And even less for blogging. Those bloggers who work outside the home, have kids and a life, and who also manage to blog on a regular basis: I tip my rotary cutter to you. You rock!

Some sewing has been going on. I participated in the Madrona Road challenge with my Baltimore Modern Quilt Guild. I'd show you the quilt, but I think I left it at work. Next week for that one. I can show you this though.

Yeah, I did it. A scrappy trip around the world (although, I set it in more of a chevron style.) I wasn't going to do this one. I have plenty of projects. But a few weeks ago I and a few friends from the guild taught a Modern Quilt Sampler workshop, which meant plenty of downtime while the other gals were teaching. I wanted to sew something relatively mindless. This was just the ticket. I ended up doing 20 blocks. I don't really love this. I don't hate it, but I don't love it. Up close, it looks like a hot mess. It really needs distance to get it. But, I'm glad I made it for two reasons: I found some great fabric combinations along the way. And, I realize I haven't got nearly enough lights in my stash. I'll need to remedy that asap!

The 2013 Bee Vintage group started up this month. Linda asked for Lady of the Lake. Lots of hsts! I think it will make a nice quilt.

Liz asked for a granny square block. This is the perfect block for vintage sheets!

So there. I blogged. Hope I can make it a more regular thing!


Gene Black said...

I love your scrappy trip around the world quilt.
I work full time and quilt...but I don't have kids. Those are the people that amaze me. They work, have kids AND quilt.
Welcome to the 8-5 world. I am so ready to leave it. ha ha..but I do need to eat and buy fabric!

evelyn said...

Good luck with the new job. You didn't say what you were doing. Hope you find the balance that lets you do it all.

Jess @ Elven Garden Quilts said...

Congrats on the new job! I love your bee blocks - the HST one is an especially cool design, I'm a bit obsessed with HST blocks at the moment :o)

Pat said...

Laughing at the job comment. YES, jobs do seem to take a lot of time! How dare they!!