Tuesday, August 2, 2011


Clearly, minimal blogging lately. Still no computer. Using hubs right now. Thanks, honey! So, with no card reader and no photoshop, I give you a paired down version of my latest projects.

First, Bee Round Up.

This is the final month of SewFun2. And it was so fun! (Remember my wonky houses quilt? It was from my SewFun gals.) This month, it was Kelly's turn. She asked for a strip pieced circle on grey. This is what I came up with:

I liked this block so much, I decided to use it for my 4x5 Modern Bee on flickr. This one is for Val:

In the Lovely Linen Bee, it's Christina's month. Another string variation!

In addition to bee blocks, I've pieced a few tops. Just waiting for some quilting time!

On my husband's side of the family, three new babies are in various stages of arrival! Little Mya is already here! Two more on the way, one in October, the other in November. This one may be for Mya. The fabrics are special to me, as I made a quilt with these very same fabrics for my niece Cameron, 9 years ago.

Surely, with two more babies to come, one will be a boy, right? If so, he'll get this Pure quilt:

The flickr quilting world has been going bow tie crazy lately! I didn't want to miss out. (That, and I found about 100 3 1/2" off white squares in my stash.) I paired those with some older Christmas yardage and came up with this:

This might be my first finished Christmas gift of the year!

So, whatcha been doing?

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