Tuesday, August 30, 2011

A thing for journals....

One thing I try to do each day (emphasis on try) is to journal. I started a few years ago after reading The Artist's Way. At Julia's suggestion, I started writing in plain old composition notebooks. They're still my preferred journal, unless, of course, someone gives me a fancier one as a gift! When I first started, I appreciated their plainness - if I messed up, no biggie. But then I got itchy to decorate. So out came the scrapbook papers. Nothing fancy, just a little Basic Grey to jazz them up. Then, about 2 years ago, I saw a pattern for a journal cover on a quilting website and knew I had to make one. This is it:
It was late September, and perfect for fall. At the same time, Katie needed one for her English class journal. So I made her this one:
I loved the way they turned out, but didn't love the ribbon closure so much. But, they worked well at the time. (At the end of the school year, I made sure to snatch Katie's back!)

In March, I made this one for my SIL, Andrea  to take to a Cake Convention. Mmmm, cake.

And then in April, Lucia, from one of my bees said to feel free to keep the scraps from her blocks. Denyse Schmidt, County Fair? Oh yeah! This is what I came up with. Notice the covered button - my first, and much more practical than the ribbon.
This is quite possibly my favorite. Followed closely by this one:

This cover hides my grid paper composition notebook. Did you know they even make grid paper composition notebooks? I know, right? Perfect for sketching quilt patterns! And the combo of Echino and linen makes me feel fancy.

And finally, this little one is my travel one, (hence, the buses) for when I don't want to drag my grid book, and journal book, and date book. It's a planner, that also holds list paper, grid paper and plain paper. Hubby brought it home from a conference over a year ago and quickly handed it over. He's well trained.
So there you have it. My collection. And with all the school supply sales over the past few weeks, I'd say I'm pretty well set for the next year.
Oh, but wait a minute, I forgot about these cuties:

They look so, I don't know, naked, don't they? Sounds like a project (and maybe a little rooty tut tut!)


www.randomthoughtsdoordi.com said...

Such a cute idea. I might copy for a goodie swap I am in right now.

Linda said...

Great idea! These could use up a lot of scraps, too, if I pieced them together. Thanks!

evelyn said...

Great idea. It looks so much better, and I know it will wear better, than the wrapping paper I have used in the past.

Benta AtSLIKstitches said...

Those are great - instructions would be much appreciated!

suemac said...

Love the journal covers. We got some composition notebooks on sale at Office Depot. I will be holding my breath for a tutorial.

Sparky said...

psssst these would be perfect for you know what?> ou do know don't you..love them all..

Sparky said...

P.s the artists way..I did that 4 times....I started it back in the late mid 90's I still have all of my original journals...way to go it works..

sew_inspired said...

very cute...i like!