Sunday, December 11, 2011

Speed Crafting ~ Holiday Style

Seems like all crafting this time of year is speed crafting. Here's a couple of quickies I did this weekend.
A 20 minute pillow makeover.

I started with these old cushions.

Did a quick measurement (about 20") and ripped into some heavy weight muslin ~ so rip a piece about 20 x 40. (The key to this is no fussy measuring or cutting!) I did a muslin layer first to disguise the brown of the original pillow. Plus, my thought is, after the holidays are over, I'll rip out the seams on the snowflake fabric, and recover in something else.

Fold the muslin in half, seam up two sides and around the corner a few inches opposite the fold. Insert old cushions, and sew up. I did this right on my machine, using my zipper foot.

Another quick measurement on the focus fabric, rip again, and sew up like before. (The fabric is from Ikea, and ripped beautifully along the pattern. 50/50 blend, $3.99/yard, perfect for this project.)

Again, I stitched up the open side using my zipper foot.
20 minutes later, this!

Next, 5 minute dollar store crafts:

Two 5 x 7 frames from the dollar store. Some of my favorite Basic Grey holiday paper. Glittery Christmas trees, 2/$1 from the dollar store, glue sticked on top of the framed paper (so, right on top of the glass.)

One hour, two quick crafts. Love 'em!


ShirleyC said...

They are all very neat, and I love the trees!

Michelle said...

Those are cute!

Mrs.Pickles said...

great projects!! I wish we had an Ikea here because i just LOVE the fabric!

Michele said...

Pretty, pretty. My cusions need a makeover too and hopefully after the holiday craziness is over, I can find some time to do something like this for mine. Thanks for the idea.