Sunday, January 15, 2012

Bee Block Round Up

You ever have something that should be fairly quick take forever? Last weekend, I scheduled out all the projects I needed to work on during the week. Tuesday was slated to make bee blocks for the 3x6 and the 4x5. 11 blocks in all, which is a little ambitious, but it was a cinchy block. Well, here it is, 3 PM on Sunday, and I just finished up.

The blocks are from the {99} Modern Blocks. Great resource. I know I'll be going back to it again and again.

I know I said 11 blocks. I screwed up on one. The "orange/yellow/green" was supposed to be more fall like that citrusy. Fortunately, my friend Linda likes citrusy!

In other fabric related news, I found this awesome Vera napkin at the goodwill last week. 25 cents, oh yeah!

Don't know what I'm going to do with her. Maybe a pillow top?

Not much headway on WIPs this week. Maybe next week?

Back to football. Go Ravens!! Go Giants!!


Barb said...

I love all of the wonderful fabrics you have chosen for that quilt, the block looks like it would go quickly.

Dawn said...

Great block! I'm going to have to get that book.