Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Muu Muus ~ what?

When my mom was visiting at Christmas, I told her I had found an old pattern that I had used to make her some muu muus when she and Dad we're going to Hawaii for vacation. She said "I love those dresses. I still wear them as house dresses." Okay, number one, I made those dresses in 1979. And B, house dresses? Who wears house dresses? I guess you must be of a certain age to admit to wearing house dresses. Although, I will confess to sporting a schmatta every now and then. Anyway, I told her I'd make her some if she'd like. Yes, she'd like.

A couple of observations about garment sewing:

5/8" seam allowance looks HUGE compared to 1/4"

Rotary cutters make cutting out patterns super fast

It's a great feeling of accomplishment to finish something in afternoon vs, oh, I don't know, a year or so

Does this mean I'll be doing more clothing? Probably not. But it's nice to know that I still can.


Kristen said...

I was JUST saying Saturday night that one of the reasons I don't sew garments is that I can't wrap my head around that 5/8" seam allowance, and everything ends up wonky. Also, I used to call my mom, a great garment seamstress, whenever I had a question ("what's lining mean? fusible interfacing? the same fabric? something else?") and she's gone now, so while I am still tempted to buy the patterns, I remind myself that a) I don't have the figure of the models, and b) the finished product would look a hot mess hanging on me with a waste of the money spent on fabric. So I stick to quilting.

Needled Mom said...

When we lived in Hawaii in the 70s we all wore muu muus. They were super comfortable and I loved at the great Hawaiian fabrics. Wish I still had mine for the fabrics in them.

Donna~~ said...

When I was a little girl I so wanted a MuMu--such pretty fabrics! Perhaps they'll make a comeback when you make your mom's new ones! They would be more comfortable than too tight jeans!

Julie said...

I'm proud to be a muu-muu wearer! They're great for around the house. I make short ones for summer and long ones for winter!

craftytammie said...

my mom had a rust/brown/orange muumuu from hawaii that she wore all.the.time. we teased her so much that she finally got rid of it, and is still mad that she did. maybe i should make a peace offering muumuu? i made a jumper dress last week, and kept forgetting the seam allowance - it does look ginormous!

Brenda said...

Oh my gosh I remember muu muus. My mother wore them "around the house" when I was a kid. She might have sewn them or bought them I do not remember. Brings back memories.