Sunday, July 22, 2012

Zakka Ribbon

This week's project in the Zakka A Long is scrappy patchwork ribbon. I had no plans to make this. Taking a bunch of scraps, sewing them all together into a long strip, into something that, ultimately, might be tossed out, wasn't that appealing to me. Then I looked down into my fabric waste pile (not even the scrap pile, but the pile that I use as stuffing for dog beds that get donated to the shelter) and found a ton of red fabric. It was used as a backing for this:

(yup, I finished it! details later.)

I took the red, paired it with some scraps of white and sewed a large strip set. Then I cut 2 1/2" wide bias strips, and sewed them end to end. I folded this strip in half, just like making bias binding, and sewed together the raw edge and also sewed along the folded edge. Then, with pinking shears (really considering a rotary pinker after that workout!) I trimmed the edges. And now I have what I hope looks like a candy cane striped ribbon. I have a feeling I'll be making a bunch more of these! Great project when you just want some mindless sewing.


suemac said...

Cute ribbon. I am sure you will have a use for that.

Barb said...

That does look like a great project to get rid of some scraps.

beth said...

Waste not. Want not. Great project to "use up"!