Monday, August 6, 2012

Sewing with Vintage Sheets

I did some catching up with Bee Vintage this week. Since I was late with July, I decided to be proactive and knock out August as well. Whenever I sew with my sheets, I always take over the sewing room and make a royal mess. As I was working with them this time, I decided to tame the beast a little. I went through a bunch of scraps, and cut them into layer cake sizes and for those that were too small, charm sizes. The rest I tossed. I'm still deciding what to do with larger pieces. Whole sheets, I either save for quilt backings, or sell in my Etsy shop. Others that may have a rip or stain, I'm thinking of cutting into yard size pieces, just to make them more manageable. We'll see.

Here are this (and last) month's blocks:

Pam asked for Garden Fence

Linda wanted Wonky Stars

Liz wanted Bow Ties

And finally, Emily asked for a Dresden

In the last round of Bee Vintage, I also asked for Dresdens. I found all the blocks I had received, and realized I only needed one more block to make a top. Then I found my Ziploc of Dresden making supplies and found I had most of the blades already made ~ enough for Emily's block and one more for me. So, one for Emily, one for me. At this point, I couldn't put this quilt away again, so I plugged away and now have this top!

My latest stack of tops needing to be quilted stands at four, with another 2 in the works. Sigh. Might be time to visit my friend Maria. 


Michelle said...

Your dresden plates are gorgeous!

Laura said...

Those are very happy bee blocks!

Heather Grow said...

Can't wait to see your dresden quilt finished. Love it!

Heather Grow said...
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