Friday, September 28, 2012

It has been brought to my attention

That I haven't blogged in, like, forever.

This is true.

I shall not bore you with excuses, nor with a long catch up post.

This is what I'm working on now:


I've wanted to make this quilt forever. Pulled the fabric for it months and months ago. Changed my mind on the fabric 2 months ago, and finally made my first block. If you haven't made a Swoon yet, let me tell you, these blocks are ginormous! 24" square each. Good thing is, you only need 9 to make the quilt.

I'm making mine with some Amy Butler Soul Blossoms, and the center is Moda cross weave. The first block went together really easily. I changed up some of the cutting in the pattern to make it easier (larger hsts, then trimmed them, eliminated one seam to make better use of large scale prints.) It seems like I haven't had to do any precision sewing in a long time. It felt good. My points are perfect (well, not quilt show perfect, but perfect enough.) I hope to have this done to give to Katie for a Christmas present. My plan is to make at least 2 more blocks this weekend. Those who have made this say they can get a block done in under two hours. I'm not quite up to that speed, but sewing fast has never been a goal of mine. See you Sunday afternoon with some progress.


Brenna said...

Love your swoon! I have three blocks of mine done, they are fun to put together!

tink's mom said...

I have made 1 9 block swoon and 1 12 block swoon. For the back of my 12 Block (king size) I made 1 giant swoon which you can see here.

It measured in at 80 inches befpre the borders. I have all of the scraps ready to make another qiant for a queen size bed.

I don't know how you are making yours but I found that if I dedicated a card table to the lay out of the block it went so much easier and quicker for me with less confussion. Sorry to have rambled on.

aksherry said...

I love Swoon. I sure can't put together a block in 2 hours but I am not a speedy sewer either. Maybe if I was I would get more things finished!!

suemac said...

I just got my Swoon pattern. Still need some more background fabric. I can't wait to work on it.

craftytammie said...

i made three and then stalled. love the fabrics you chose!