Saturday, October 13, 2012


October is Anniversary month for The Baltimore Modern Quilt Guild! A few years ago, knowing I was going to move to Baltimore soon, I joined the DC Modern Quilt Guild (there wasn't a Baltimore chapter at the time.) I didn't understand at the time that for Baltimore drivers, the "45 minutes to an hour" it takes to get to DC is really more like 2 hours. I never made it to a meeting. But, to share a favorite quote of mine by Geri Weitzman: sometimes you gotta create what you want to be a part of. And so I did. I created the Baltimore Modern Quilt Guild. (and by "create", I mean I put a tiny message out there on flickr and put together a free website with .) I was so excited when, in less that two hours, there was another member! (Hi Jenn!) We were on our way.

That was two years ago. We've come a long way. We now have over 80 members. We've done bees, round robins, swaps, boms, charity projects, parties, picnics, and are getting ready to host our first guest speaker, Jay McCarroll! (If you're in the area and want to join us in November, send me an email!)

For our anniversary, our Vice Presidents of fun stuff, Maria and Daniella, chose a challenge fabric. Our job: use some, or all of it to make a pillow. This is the fabric they chose:

 At least, this is what I have left of it. And at first, let's just say I didn't love it. But, to quote another wise person, if you don't like your fabric, you haven't cut it small enough! (good advice from my friend Tonya)

So, I cut it up into small dresden blades and made this: Kind of fun, right?

We'll share these at our meeting next week. And we have a choice: we can either keep our own pillow, or swap it for another. Not sure which way I'm going on this one yet. I have a feeling I'll keep it. But...


QuilterMary said...

L.O.V.E. it!

suemac said...

I have been enjoying being a member of the Austin Modern Quilt Guild. Since QuiltCon is coming to Austin, we are soooo excited. I think I will be there every day since I have a four day pass and live fairly close. Hope to see you there.

Kelsey said...

Love it!! It looks like completely different fabric :)

Emily said...

I agree with the quote about ugly fabric! When I first saw the pillow on flickr I thought u had used some of that modern cheater print, so I guess you cut it up small enough. :)

Beverly said...

That is amazing. Who would have thought that umbrellas could look like that. I am not a modern quilter, but love bright colors, making pillows and the Dresden is one of my favorite blocks, so I'm really liking this.
Thanks for visiting my blog and I'm happy to have found you.