Friday, June 28, 2013

Vintage Round Up

I finished up my last few blocks for Bee Vintage! (July is my month, so happy mail in my future!)
Jodee wanted an antique tile block:

And Tammie asked for a super scrap-buster!

I made a cute butterfly block for Stephanie, but must have mailed it off before I took a pic. Pink vintage sheets butterfly on a gray background. Really nice combo that I'll try again some time.

I'm keeping my round super simple, asking for a wonky log cabin. The Baltimore MQG is doing a log cabin challenge in September, with all the quilts going to the South East Early Head Start program. I think some vintage sheets blocks will look great in a log cabin (and I get the easy job of just piecing the top ~ always thinking of short cuts here!)

I picked these vintage thread spools up at the GW for $.99 last week! I often see them at antique/flea markets, but they want a fortune. 

Another thrifty vintage pyrex find. But I can't identify the pattern. Hard to tell, but the design is gold. Any ideas?

Ughh, off to haul more stuff into the garage for a garage sale tomorrow. Really, I'll just pay people to take the stuff away. If you're in Baltimore County tomorrow....stop by!

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