Thursday, October 17, 2013

Dog Walking: What Not to Wear

I'm an early riser. Usually by 5:30 or so. I'm also the first shift dog walker in our family. 6:30 AM is my designated dog walking time. I really don't mind it. But lately, it's a little dark. My lovely sunrises of the summer have given way to blackness. And it's because of this blackness that I decided to try a little something different yesterday. I decided, because it's so dark, that there's really no point in changing out of my jammies into something more respectable, like, say, yoga pants or sweats. It's not like I see anyone on these morning walks. In fact, it's been weeks since we've seen anyone. And I know you can see where this is heading.

We start our walk, and immediately run into my friend's husband, and their dog Sammy. Sammy and Chase have a nice little romp, I make small talk with the husband, and I just know he's thinking, sheesh, couldn't bother to get dressed this morning? We finish up with them, and then I see another neighbor walking her dog. Don't they know that this is MY time? Hi, good morning and I know she's silently judging me and thinking nice jammies.  And I'm thinking, well, it's not like I'm in Target or anything. I'm walking my dog, here.

And here we are this morning.
Dare I risk it again?
Sure, why not.
We start out, and immediately Chase is charging at something. Of course, it's still pitch black, so I can't see what's got him agitated. And then it comes into view. A red fox, about 20 feet away. And all I can think is oh, great, I'm going to get bit by a rapid fox and have to go to the hospital in my jammies. Awesome. Thankfully, Chase, my protector,  barked the fox away.

Tomorrow, it's back to yoga pants.

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tink's mom said...

Great story. Wonderful visual.

Pat said...

Of course I knew where it was headed - Been There - Done That. :-)

My jammies are pink - no mistaking what they are.

Marcia R said...

Hilarious! I've become the crazy lady in the neighborhood who takes her dogs out to the front yard nightly in her pjs. Yeah, that one. Who cares anyway?

Unknown said...

Funny story! Glad it was a fox and not a skunk!