Sunday, January 25, 2015

A Project for Me, Playing with Scraps and a (little) Giveaway!

Sometimes, the combination of the right time, the right fabric and the right project all happen together. Yesterday was one of those days. I was between projects that I need to do for one of my bigger projects (shhh! secret sewing) and decided I'd do a little selfish sewing.

I purchased the pattern for Anna Graham's (Noodlehead) Divided Basket at the end of last year. Finished versions of it have been popping up in my Blog Lovin' and Instagram feed for a while now, and I've been envious of the makers of these baskets. Now, I'm the one with the finish!

I've been saving this Denyse Schmidt panel for a couple of years, waiting for just the right project. Although the pattern is not really suited for fat quarters, I made it work. The pattern went together really easily, after all the cutting and fusing was finished. A lot of what I've been sewing lately has been either improv or make it up as I go, so it was kind of nice to just follow along with a pattern and not have to think too much. I really love the basket. And it's huge! Honestly, if I had had more interfacing, I think I just might have started another.

After finishing the basket, I had some nice scraps left over, and was a little sad that the basket making was finished. I really love this fabric! What else could I make? Wait a minute. A few days ago I saw a cute bookmark tutorial by Svetlana. (easy, useful, and adorable!) So easy, I made two.

Then, some (smaller) scraps and another tutorial (sorry, can't remember where) for a cute needle case. Teeny patchwork commenced and I made this. eta Found it!

Still, scraps, scraps, scraps. I cut and laid out a block for my Farmer's Wife Quilt (a project I  abandoned 2 years ago, but have vowed to finish this year.)

Ahhh, now I'm satiated. There are more scraps, but I'm ready to relinquish them to the scrap bin (where I'll pleasantly re-discover them for another project, another day!)

Did you notice I made two bookmarks? One for me, one for (one of) you! Just leave a comment and I'll do a drawing at the end of the week. Follow me on Instagram for an extra chance. Just let me know in the comments.

Hope you have a week of happy quilting!

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Southern Gal said...

Great use of scraps! The basket is beautiful. I saw the tutorial for the bookmarks this week, too. Now to dig into my scraps.

Terri in BC said...

I have that same panel! You've inspired me to dig it out and use it!

Amy Verne said...

I also have the divided basket pattern. I wonder if I have any interfacing? Ha ha. Your basket looks great!

amy said...

You sure made great use of all your scraps! Really cute little items!

Anonymous said...

Very cute basket!! I particularly like the handles - they look cute _and_ useful. Inspiring!

:) Linda

tink's mom said...

I really need to make that basket. Yours came out so nicely. Love your fabric choice. The fussy cutting was so worth it.

Barb said...

love love love it...the fabrics are awesome!!

Pia Merete Eriksen said...

Wauw - love the things you've made.

Lori H said...

Love the basket! Cute cute!

Beth said...

One of these days I am going to stop admiring baskets and start making them. Then my house will stop overflowing with scraps and start overflowing with scrap baskets. You think?