Friday, April 29, 2016

I have a few free minutes...

So let's start a new quilt!

Do you feel that way too? Every so often I get a pocket of time with no commitments, no travel, no deadlines ~ just free time to sew for myself. This is one of those times. Nothing major on my plate for 2 whole months! So what do I want to do? Fill up that space with new projects.

I started a list of the new:

  1. Amy Butler Weekender Bag (so 5 years ago) but I've had the pattern forever and still want one.
  2. Sew Together Bag (so 2 years ago) same as above
  3. Fancy Fox - new baby boy due in the family around July
  4. Cover the vintage chairs I scored at Goodwill about a year ago

And then I thought, "Whoa, hold on sister! Maybe you should tackle some of the old." Such as:

  1. Loulouthi Quilt: needs backing/basting/quilting/binding (b/b/q/b)
  2. Twizzle: Just pieced the top this past weekend - needs borders and b/b/q/b
  3. Plus Quilt: Same as above
  4. Modern Meadow: needs borders and b/b/q/b
  5. Sewing Machine Mini: I made 2 for gifts, this ones for me! Finish piecing and b/b/q/b
  6. Bento Box: had the blocks for years - needs piecing and b/b/q/b
  7. Yellow/Gray Bee Quilt: ditto above
  8. Vintage Charm Quilt: b/b/q/b
  9. Pinwheel Pillows: these are samples from a retired class. Just need to assemble.
  10. Facing East: just started this one. A long term project for sure
  11. Paper Pieced Stars: Another long term one.
  12. Moda Building Blocks: all the large blocks are finished - on to the 6 inchers

I'm sure there's more if I dig a little deeper into the UFO bin. But keeping the list at a dozen seems somehow more manageable.

No pictures today. That would take another hour or so. Time better spent actually making. I'll post them as I finish them (or at least move them closer to the finish line.)

Instead, I'll leave you with a picture of my kids. All.Growed.Up.

Happy Quilting!

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Amy Verne said...

Sounds very familiar!

Damoms said...
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jennifer said...

All your quilts are really wonderful and you have got beautiful kids too. Thanks for sharing.
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