Lectures and Workshops

Looking for virtual lectures and classes! I've got them! 

Email me at heatherkojan@gmail.com and we can find the best program for your guild!

Class Offerings

5 Easy Geeses

Learn 5 easy ways to make flying geese blocks!
Modern String Quilts

Pineapple Squared

ROY Quilt: Create a rainbow of hexagons using a 30 and 60 degree ruler. Much easier than it looks - no Y seams!

Improv Log Cabin: A modern take on the classic log cabin block, with a dozen variations.

Half Square Triangle Master Class: Learn 12 different ways to construct one of the foundations of quilt construction ~ the half square triangle. 

Modern Improv Sampler: Learn 6 different types of improv blocks, with variations to make all 9! (3 or 6 hours)


Quick Curve Ruler Classes

Metro Medallion

Metro Twist

Chic Country

Chic Diamonds

Tessellating Windmill Pillow featuring Marti Michele's template (4 hours)

Happy Camper: From my book Classic Modern Quilts

Dresden Rainbow Mini Quilt 

Perfectly Portable Project Bag

Mesh Tote Bag and Zipped Pouch 

Lectures (one hour)

From Traditional to Modern: My Quilting Journey 

Quilt Remix: UFO's, Orphan Blocks and what was I thinking??!! Fresh ideas for stale projects.

Quilt Math: Triangles, Wedges and a little Fibonacci for fun!

Quilt Class: The where, what, why and hows of teaching a quilting class

5 Easy Steps to Designing Your Own Quilt

Fees: Lecture (1 hour) $350, 1/2 day workshop (3 hours) $400, full day workshop (6 hours) $700. 
Plus all associated expenses. Book both workshop and lecture within 48 hours for a discount!


Unknown said...

How do I get hold of you to request a lecture or workshop? I love the topics of your lectures, they'd be good for our guild (in VA). Please contact me in the email for follow up comments.

Unknown said...

Hello Heather, your work was brought to my attention by Debby Kratovil. I am the VP of our local guild in charge of scheduling workshops and lectures. I would like it if you would contact me to discuss scheduling a workshop/lecture with our guild in 2019. My working email is everquilting@gmail.com. I look forward to hearing from you in the near future.

Unknown said...

Hello Heather, do you have any quilt cruises on your schedule?

Unknown said...

Heather. I have signed up for two of your August courses for the quilt show. They both say that kits are included but my ship to address is different than my billing address. I have written to Mancuso but they don't seem to be able to handle this. If you are shipping kits (rather than electronically) I would like to give you a shipping address (not home because of Covid). Don"t want to post publically. Can you tell me how to get my shipping address to you?

Unknown said...

Is it okay for a guild to schedule a lecture at the $350 rate via zoom with you even though we cannot afford to offer a class? We are a small guild with about 75 members. T


Denise said...

Hi! I am going to take the perfect project bag class through the quilt show. I love the dragonfly fabric you have used for the sample. Do you know if that is still available for purchase anywhere? Thanks!