Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Christmas Cards

I don't remember when I first started sending Christmas cards. After I moved into my own house? Or when I got married? Doesn't matter. For years, I looked at it as more of an obligation. Just another December task to cross off the list. I usually tried to find something cute rather than religious. Sometimes I cheated, and bought the next year's card at the after Christmas sales. But it all seemed like a bit of a chore.

Then came the advent of photo cards. Those I got into. They were something I enjoyed receiving, and something I could do relatively easily. I didn't send them every year, maybe every other, with a traditional card in between. Sometimes the Christmas card became a Happy New Year card, if I procrastinated. Not a lot of writing, just a quick signature, if that.

A few years ago, it seemed like I wasn't receiving as many as in previous years. But then again, I wasn't sending as many either. And I really like receiving them, even if sending them, not so much. It dawned on me that to receive, I must send. So I started sending to neighbors and friends. (Before that, just to out of town friends and relatives. After all, my local friends know what we look like!) Now, I try to do timely cards, for Christmas, and get them in the mail by the second week of December. And this year, we're going to try a Holiday Letter. Harvey even said he'd write it! So we're branching out. I hope we get a lot of mail. And if not, I'm enjoying the sending a whole lot more. So, if you'd like to send me a card, please do! I've already got you on my list!

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