Tuesday, December 23, 2008

The Stockings Were Hung....

by the chimney with care. I grew up in one of the snowiest places in the country. And yet, we didn't have a fireplace. It wasn't until I moved to the far south (Texas) that we had one. Then again in California and Virginia. And so, as a child the stockings were just laid at the foot of the tree. Stockings at our house now are hung from the mantle, with a variety of stocking hangers. We often have six or more. One for each of us (yes, adults included) and leftovers for the cats or whoever might be visiting. Santa fills the stockings when he comes by on Christmas Eve. He usually leaves little gifts and sometimes candy. After they're filled, he leaves them on the hearth. Kyle and Katie are allowed to peak in stockings when they first wake up. They usually get Harvey and I before they get down to the serious opening.

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