Tuesday, December 14, 2010

She Thrifts. She Scores!

I used to love thrifting. I used to live where there were a lot of good, independent thrift stores with great prices, all within 5 miles of me. Now, not so much. I have to rely on Good Will and Salvation Army for my thrifting. SA is a bit geographically undersireable, so I'm usually stuck with Good Will. I wouldn't even mind it so much, but it seems like their prices have really gone up lately. I mean, really $4.75 for a sweater? I can buy a new one at Ann Taylor with a good sale and a family and friends coupon. Today, though, I had a mission. I needed to find "costume" type clothing, specifically white button down shirts. No such luck. (All the waiters of the world must also shop at Good Will.) Anyway, since I'm there, I wander over to the sheets. In the past, I've picked up a couple of vintage sheets . Not great ones, but okay ones. Today, though, as I round the corner, I see this:

I literally heard angels singing. I dash over and find two huge- as in king, in really good shape Vera pillowcases.

Good Will, I take back all the bad things I said about you.


Linda said...

Oh I dream of finding such a thing! Don't you love that feeling, when you first see the best ever then-omg-your heart almost stops...that's my favourite part of thifting! And yes, I know I am sad...lol

You are a lucky duck, Heather, go buy a lottery ticket :-)


Angie from Dear Spring Green said...

Oh.my.goodness. And with big old poppy flowers on them too! Wow! I agree with Linda. Go buy a lottery ticket!