Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Farmer's Wife Quilt-A-Long

Even though I have a self imposed moratorium on joining any more bees or swaps, I couldn't help myself. With so many awesome quilters and so many awesome blocks posted, I had to be part of the Farmer's Wife QAL on flickr. And technically, a quilt-a-long is neither a bee nor swap, so I'm not violating any personal policy.

I got my book on Sunday, and have been eagerly waiting for a few extra minutes to put together some blocks. Today might be the day!

In the discussion thread of the QAL, Anglea asks why we want to make a farmer's wife quilt? For me, it's a way to remember the woman who got me interested in quilting, my grandmother Ada McLennan. Grandma was indeed a farmer's wife. She and Grandpa Neil farmed in Cornwall, Ontario. When I was younger, we visited the farm every summer. My brother and I would ride the tractor, chase the chickens, and swing from the requisite tire swing, which hung from the weeping willow. Grandma didn't teach me to sew, but she inspired me to do so. Some of my most cherished items are her treadle sewing machine, and the quilts she handed down to me. I'm lucky enough to have 7 or 8 of her quilts. My mom also has a few, and I know my brother has at least one (note to self: leave room in suitcase while visiting bro this summer to steal quilt.) This is one of her quilts:
Circa 1930 - 1940. All hand pieced, hand quilted, using feed sacks and other "modern" fabric.

I love seeing all of the original designs, now interpreted into repros!
Thanks for letting me share my grandma with you! Would you like to see more of her quilts? Just leave a comment!


Cristin said...

I only have one quilt from a Great Grandma... may have to share it some time too.. so interesting!

Skooks said...

I wish I had a quilter in the family. I'd love to see more!

Unknown said...

Yes, please. Lots more!

Katrina said...

WoW! Please keep showing us more quilts like this!