Monday, June 27, 2011


Remember this guy?

I blogged about it here. Did I really think I could get it done by Labor Day? Perhaps Labor Day plus 365. I solemnly swear never to attempt a king sized quilt ever, ever again. The piecing was a joy. The basting, not so much. The quilting ~ are you kidding me? Nightmare. I did it on my little 'ole Elna. 6" grid. Don't look to closely. Puckers Galore (was she a Bond girl?) The back looks like an 80 year old who thought sun tan lotion and baby oil were synonymous (meaning, lots and lots of wrinkles.) No matter, it will be well used. Here she is: (I called it a guy earlier. She's definitely a girl. I may even name her. Josephine pops into my head at the moment.)
There has to be close to 75 or 80 different vintage sheets used. The back is one full size, with an 8 inch border all around. This is the summer quilt I was after. Light and airy, with an ever so soft, well loved backing. I like how she came out. I love that she's done. I'm ecstatic that I can now move on to other far less consuming projects!


Skooks said...

WOWZA. I think if I ever did a quilt that size I'd stop at the piecing and get someone else to do the rest. WAY too big.

bebo821 said...

**sigh** I have a king quilt top for my bed that STILL isn't done. I haven't mustered the gumption to figure out how to quilt it ;)

Sheetal said...

Heather this is absolutely breathtaking! You make me want to start one like this right away...I'm piecing a queen sized VS quilt right now with all the stripey FQs I have...I think something like this may just be next!

Unknown said...

hubba, hubba. Congrats!

Mary Menzer said...

I did Kaffe's Potpourri pattern once. Once. I ended up cutting off some of the blocks on the bottom to make it smaller. I gave it away though. Yours is very pretty, soft colors.

Harvey said...

This was an AWESOME surprise and is as comfy as can be. Thank you, my darling ... from your loving (but decidedly NOT "messy") husband.

Riel Nason said...

I just surfed in from Flickr. I have recently dove into vintage sheet quilting ... love all your variety in this! So, so pretty!!

Sheila said...

I love your quilt! Just beautiful!

gqgeg said...

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