Wednesday, February 22, 2012

When Other Crafts Threaten

I like crafts. I like a lot of crafts. I've done a lot of crafts. However, I know my limits. I can only handle one, maybe two time consuming crafts at a time. For the past few years, I've concentrated mostly on quilting. This year, I've added some scrap booking back into the mix. Not a lot. Maybe once a week. And because I do it all digitally, no supplies to get out, no mess to clean up. A very fine craft.

This weekend, I went with my  friend Gayne to a bead show. She's a real beader. She has beads like I have fabric. I'm a former beader. I beaded for a few years, even taught classes. Nothing fancy, just basic stringing. It never really grabbed me. But seeing all those pretties at the bead show tempted me. 

I stayed strong and walked away.

Now, knitting is threatening. I've been thinking a lot about knitting. I drool over blog posts and Flickr posts and think, I want I want. And then I see beautiful yarns like this

Purl Soho
 I want, I want.

No, resist, resist.

I caved. My friend Nina found us a teacher. Linda is teaching us to make baby hats for the NICU unit of the hospital. This is the extent of my knitting:

It's a start. Or, maybe I'll just leave it at that (not the hat, I'll finish the hat!) Maybe this is enough.

What do you do when other crafts try to sneak their way in? Do you succumb, or stay strong and true?


Sara said...

I know EXACTLY how you feel. I quilt, embroider and have started loom knitting as well;)

pinsandneedles said...

I also have dabbled in quite a few crafts but none has grabbed my passion like quilting. If I find something new I want to try, I may try it if it doesn't cost too much in supplies and equipment. I do embroider (which I incorporate in some of my quilts) and I knit/crochet.

http://thankfullga447 said...

You hit home, I was going to do some beading/necklaces/bracelets and then I saw how much the cost was adding up. I kept my receipt and brought everything back to the store. I do quilting, scrap booking (cards), cross stitching & started some felting. I have enough projects for 2 years in quilting.

txquilter said...

I know exactly what you mean! I have a glass kiln and supplies because I did that for years before I took up quilting. Now I'm thinking of selling it all so I can have more room to sew. I've got beads too! I tried knitting, but it's not for me. There's just no more space in my crafts room for any more stuff!

Cliodana said...

hahahaha I'm a craft addict!!!! I'm quilting sine i'm 12 years old.... knitting since then too.... after that learn to make bracelet with thread.... and beading.... and returne to sewing.... and pause a bit to have my triplets!!! After that... i missed doing thing so began scrapbooking digital... boring always in front on my computer... so with real paper.... new bead too.... well now my craft room is a craft shop! yarn, beads, paper, fabric, tools... embroidery is my new thing... well it's so fun i can change craft with my mood of the day.... knitting in the car, scrapbooking when the kids sleeping for a nap and sewing when i'm alone... embroidery in front of tv!
so... do what you want to do and have fun, most important thing have fun

Amanda said...

Ha! I'm currently knitting a cowl and a baby jumper, making a quilt and in the middle of making a couple of birthday cards. The beads do look lovely I can see why you may have been tempted.

JudyCinNC said...

Well Ladies - I want to reassure you whatever you dabble in doesn't count as another addiction/hobby if you are doing it for a worthy cause. Those little hats are a necessity and you have the gift to make them - that's all. Doing for others is pleasure. Way to go for you and your new adventure. Judy C

Anonymous said...

Sigh. I'm a bit of a craft tramp. I cheat on every craft I try, but still manage to remain true to each. My poor, tiny house is filled with crafts, some that I do quite frequently, some that I only do on occasion. I've even tried lying to my husband about the money I spend on it all (though he always, always knows the truth!). There just aren't enough hours in the day!!

tink's mom said...

If you stayed strong and true to just one craft you wouldn't be the you, you are today. It's the exposure to all of the different types of crafts that keep what you do interesting. I feel like I've done pretty much everything out there at least once, mostly I now QUILT. I stitch if it will go into a quilt. I do knit as my take along project, tried taking hand quilt work but I found it to much of a bother and I don't want to talk about the section of the basement that is overrun with the essentials to make cards which I hardly ever do anymore. We are all in the same boat paddling to beat the band and having a great time doing it.

LeslieG said...

I have been seduced by a wide variety of crafts. Each different type of craft has a different approach to the use of colour and texture, gives back a variety of knowledge and flexes & extends your abilities further. At least this is what I tell myself as I succumb to the siren's song of whichever one is next... It's a journey that provides me with the opportunity to play and explore and the best part is meeting all the new people along the way!