Sunday, April 29, 2012

I knit something!

Something other than a baby hat!

I knit a scarf! (and yes, those are the needles still dangling from the scarf. I haven't gotten to the lesson on how to cast off or bind off or whatever it's called.) I did a seed stitch on this, which is mind numbingly tedious! (knit one, purl one) I love the results though, and think it will be super cozy next December. I used a bulky alpaca/acrylic blend yarn from my favorite knit shop, Black Sheep Yarn Shop. I think I need to tackle maybe one more scarf, before I move on to something more advanced. I'm not sure I can handle another seed one though. So, knitting friends, how shall I knit my next scarf?

Oh, and the only reason I got this scarf done, was because we went to visit my MIL this weekend, which meant 7 hours of drive time (no, I wasn't driving! Or at least, only passenger seat driving.)

Here are a few pics from her back yard:

Meet be back here tomorrow, for my bag tutorial on Sew Mama Sew!


tink's mom said...

congrats on the scarf. It only gets easier from here on out. You'll find times when tedious is jsut the ticket and times when cable and the like are a mental necessity. It took me a year before I tackled socks and I've never looked back. Keep up the great work.

Sheetal said...

that is a really pretty scarf! you need to join ravelry... then the question will be which scarf do I knit FIRST :D