Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Pouches Galore!

I had a great mail day yesterday, with a total surprise package from my friend Tammie! Such a surprise, that when I saw the package, my first reaction was, uh oh, did I forget a swap or something? Nope, just sweet Tammie sending a thank you for guest posting during her Sew Full of Love week

How cute is that?! Oh, and there were other goodies inside. They just didn't make it to the photo shoot.

Sunday, the Baltimore Modern Quilt Guild met. I gave a demo on how to do (or, as it turned out, how not to do) a zipped pouch. Really, nothing went right with this demo. I tried to top stitch, but then my machine got hung up on the fusible fleece I used to line the outer fabric. (I love the fusible fleece, though. Gives just enough stability, with a little softness, too!) As I was picking out the top stitching, I ripped a hole in my pouch. Awesome. But, I didn't give up! Here's the final product:

I always like to have a purpose for my bags/pouches. This one is for going to concerts and sports events ~ you know, for those times when you just need a phone and a credit card? This will be perfect (about 7" tall).

While at our meeting, I finished up this pouch. I was super excited about this one, because I've really wanted to try some "rustic" embroidery. The center print is from Spoonflower (a freebie sample, I think - I've had it forever).

It's a pretty good size ~ about 10" x 10". I wanted something that I could put a sketch book and pencils in. (I'm terrible at sketching, but maybe if I have something pretty to carry my supplies in, I'll be more inspired.) Thinking about adding a strap to this one and make it for of a satchel.

I've got some other "pouch" things in the works, but nothing I can reveal right now. Stay tuned until next week!


craftytammie said...

i love the last one so much! so glad you enjoyed your little bag :)

Linda said...

I feel for you with the demo! We all have times like that, though! It turned out really cute despite your problems! That should be an encouragement to us all.

Sara said...

I got one too---she did a fantastic job didn't that Tammie!