Wednesday, June 27, 2012


In the Baltimore Modern Quilt Guild, Maria and Daniella are our vice presidents in charge of fun. (We made all of the board members vice presidents, so that everyone will have a great title to include on their resumes!) In addition to swaps, bees, challenges, etc, they run our Robins. Back in January, we started a Round Robin, where each participant started with a 10" square. Over the next 5 months, the square traveled to other members, and became bigger and bigger. At our last meeting, we had our big reveal of all of our quilts. This one is mine! 

I love it! The greens will go perfectly in the quilt cave! (To see all of the Round Robin quilts, go here.)

In July, we're starting a Row Robin (although, I think I'm going to lobby to call it a Row Raven ~ after all, we are in Baltimore!)

This time, we're starting with a row, 9" x 36". Since this Raven will finish in December, I thought about doing something Christmasy. But I'm just not feeling it yet. And, all of the cute Christmas/Holiday fabric I want isn't out yet. I was talking to Dawn about it, and she said she might do spools. Spools??!! Brilliant! Totally stealing that idea. (I told her I'm stealing it. I didn't necessarily ask her though. I don't think she'll mind. My spools and her spools will look totally different.)

Here's my starting row of spools (and if Dawn wants to steal mine, she's totally welcome to!)

Now, I just need to wait for the big reveal in December!


Quilt n Queen said...

Time flies when you are having will have your big reveal before you know it...have a wonderful Wednesday!!

Dawn said...

I love your spools! Mine are different ~ I hope to finish them tomorrow, but I'll take them to the beach with me if I have to :)

Michele said...

Very nice. I'm loving minis too. I'm running a Modern Mini Mystery RR and a Halloween one right now. having a blast. I know that there will definitely be more in my future.