Thursday, June 14, 2012

Bee Blocks

Mid June and I'm already finished with my bee blocks for Bee Vintage! Typically, I wait until the week, or even the day before they're due. Nikki and Tammie made it super simple for us this month, with a giant (15") churn dash, and a sweet pinwheel made of hsts.

Every time I get out my vintage sheets, I'm tempted to start more projects. I still have a Vintage Sheet Dresden to put together, plus a Vintage Sheet String Quilt. I really need to finish those first. It look like I may get my wish, with lots of quilting time this summer. (more on that later!)

Tonight is mindless sewing night (hubby has his band coming over for practice tonight, which means a full rock band practicing in the basement. Can't read or watch TV, so I plan on a lot of straight line stitching!) I think I'll revisit this:

My original plan was a string a day, March through May. Well, other projects jumped ahead so that didn't happen. I'm about 1/2 way through. About 40 blocks finished. I hope to knock out another dozen tonight.

There's been a lot of other sewing going on here, I just have to find some pictures on the 8 or so SD cards I have strewn on my desk.That's going to be a good time!


craftytammie said...

fabulous! i love it so much! :)

ShirleyC said...

I love those prints!

suemac said...

You give me incentive to get to my string blocks. I was in a string block swap and did 20 and 20 back in return. I need to add to my total. It is fairly easy. Just tedious.