Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Life is ...

And these came from my front yard! Here's the thing, though. We've lived here two years, and I've never seen cherries on this tree before. We moved here in July, 2010. No cherries. Unless there were cherries, and the birds got to them before I did. Or, maybe I was just distracted. But last year, you'd think I'd notice a tree full of cherries. Do cherries skip a year or two between baring fruit? I don't know. Any way, I'm thrilled to have a cherry tree. Although, technically, I'm not even sure it's really mine. It could be Frank and Linda's next door. Frank mows the lawn right up to the edge of the tree, on his side. So maybe that's his way of saying, here you go, have a cherry tree. In reality, Frank doesn't talk much. And when he does, it's usually something disparaging about my cats. I guess I could ask him. Or, I could wait until he's gone on some errands, then haul out the ladder and pick the tree clean. Now I know why they call those trucks with the basket on the hydraulic thingy cherry pickers. 'Cause you need one to pick cherries.


Linda said...

Those look so beautiful growing on the tree! I don't guess I've ever seen a cherry growing before! I had never even tasted a fresh cherry until a couple of years ago! (Mine had always been Maraschino cherries or the canned type you put in pies.)

Laura said...

How did they taste?

Margaret said...

That's funny because last year I realized that the stubby looking tree at the corner of our property is a pear tree. We have lived here for 25 years I never noticed before. It had pears on it last year. I don't know if it ever had any before or not.

Michele said...

I'm jealous. Enjoy every one of them.

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