Monday, July 9, 2012

Finish It Week

I really really want to start something new. Something big. Something that will eat up a mountain of fat quarters. Something that will define me as a quilter and promote world peace. (okay, that last little bit might be a tad ambitious.)

I have the pattern and fabric picked out.

But I really really feel like I need to tackle the growing pile of AFs . Unlike a UFO, an AF is an almost finished. Like a quilted top that needs binding. Or, in my case, several (little) tops that need quilting. So, before I embark on an epic quilt quest, I'm going to finish up a bunch of stuff this week. It's a good week to stay home and quilt. Harvey's at work. Katie's at work. Kyle is on tour. And this little guy just joined our family.

Meet Chase.

Chase is about 1 1/2 years old. He's sweet as can be. And that's about all we know about him.

Chase and I are going to blog about our progress this week. Seven projects in seven days, with a little bit of house training thrown in. (We're dog newbies, so if you have any great tips, please share!)

Project 1: Blueberry Lemonade Table runner

This needs quilting and binding. And it needs to be done by Friday, so I can write a guest post for my friend Tammie on  Sunday. (btw, Tammie is hosting her Sew Full of Summer week, with guest bloggers and great giveaways all week!)

Project 2: Reunion Table Runner

Just binding for this one. And maybe a pedicure as well.

Project 3: Modern Sampler

This is a sample for a class I'm helping teach at Seminole Sampler in Catonsville, MD on August 25th. This one also needs quilting and binding. If you're in the Baltimore area, come join our Modern Sampler Workshop!

Project 4: Round Robin

This is from the Baltimore Modern Quilt Guild's first Round Robin. The greens match the quilt cave beautifully, so I'd like to get it displayed. Again, quilting and binding on this one.

Project 5: Stripped Tumblers

This one I started back in November. A bunch of strip pieced tumblers. They've been sashed. Still need to add one more border, then Q & B.

 Project 6: Bee Block Sampler

I've been collecting these for over a year. I have 30 total. I'd be happy to get these pieced into a top.

Project 7: Primitive Wonky Log Cabins

Remember these? Eleven done. Nine to go. Some of you suggested a Quilt of Valor. Yes, I think so. My goal is to get these into a top as well by the end of the week.

So there you have it! Seven projects. Seven Days. Chase and I will report back tomorrow!


susan said...

sweet little poochie
i cant offer any advice as we just adopted a stray ourselves!
wow that is going to be some awesome week of sewing!! heres some quilting mojo to keep you going. i would be impressed if you finished a portion of them

Sheila said...

I think Chase will be great company in your sewing room. I only have a cat named Gracie, so can't give you any advise on dogs.

Have fun sewing this week!

Carol Swift said...

I love the Blueberry Lemonade runner, and the rest of your AF's. I have quite a few of those AF's I need to work on, too. Such a cute dog! I've always had dogs and I've found a doggie door helps with house training. I also spoil my pups and let them sleep with me. :O)

Sara said...

World peace-HA! Too funny:)

Love the bee sampler blocks and the rest of your progresses are pretty amazing as well!!

suemac said...

Sew ambitious. Good luck with the 7 in 7,

Beth said...

Oh, Heather, I have potty training advice! We always choose shelter dogs, and 9 years ago adopted a pregnant one and found ourselves potty training 7 puppies. We found that the most important thing we could do was establish a routine. Go outside first thing in the morning, after meals, and right before bed. Go at other intervals that the dog can recognize and rely on. Avoid the temptation to yell about accidents, since they won't know why you're yelling (and a nervous dog will urinate more--I'm pretty sure that's why one of our dogs was abandoned. When we played it cool she calmed down and now never pees unexpectedly.)

Really, "routines" is our answer to any dog training question. Our dogs love routines and order and I think it really gives them a sense of security, especially important in a dog with a mystery past but good for any dog.

Chase looks like a sweet boy and I think you're lucky to have found each other.

leanne said...

such a cute pup - and good luck with your projects :)