Saturday, July 14, 2012

I need new glasses

Part of my duties with the Baltimore Modern Quilt Guild is manning the email. Lot's of it is spam and advertisements. Monday, though, I got a nice email from a lady in Michigan:

I'm looking for a group that would like donated fabric for charity projects. I work at a quilt shop in Brighton, MI. For the second year we have made table runners for a group that has a banquet in Baltimore, MD. When they are done with the table runners, they will throw them away. The runners are pieces of 100% cotton, quilt store quality fabric, 9' long, and 15" wide. There is no hems or sewing on them. There are about 50 runners of the red fabric, and 100 runners of the blue fabric. I'm planning on using some of it to make quilts by adding used blue jean fabric, and possibly Nascar type fabric.  These quilts will be donated with young / teenage boys in mind. 

Okay, nice! I made arrangement to pick them up yesterday. When I got to the venue, I was a little surprised to see two large garbage bags filled with fabric. I mean, 50 pieces, 9x14 inches comes out to about 10 yards, right?

I get the fabric home, open one of the bags, and haul out a really long piece of fabric. Hmmm.

Back to the computer, look at the email exchange again.

9' long, and 15" wide.   50 runners of the red fabric, and 100 runners of the blue fabric

Ohhhh. 9 FEET long. And I totally missed the part about 50 of one, 100 of another.

So now, I have over 100 YARDS of this

and this

which is not necessarily a bad thing....

Needless to say, if you're in the Baltimore area and need some flaming fabric, I can hook you up!


Sara said...

Oh my gosh that is terrible!!! if you have an Etsy shop try to sell it on there maybe or craigslist perhaps?

That little mark above the number is sneaky sometimes;)

Gene Black said...

Hmmmm....makes you wonder what kind of banquet it was, doesn't it?

QuilterMary said...

My guild - Southern Comforters of Bowie donates quilts to Georgetown Pediatric Oncology. I quilt the tops and I'm always looking for "boy/young man" backing fabric. I'd love a few yards if you're looking to destash some,

9patchnurse said...

Heather, that's hilarious. We get a lot of Project Linus quilts at work and always have trouble finding quilts that are good for the school age and older boys. I would be happy to hook you up with some Project Linus groups. And the Wild Threads would love to make some quilts too. I like QuilterMary's idea for backings and even a quilt of simple squares would be great. Thanks!

Dottie said...

Heather, I live in the Reisterstown area and would love to make my 6 Grandsons happy with Quilts of this material. They would love for Granny to spruce up the beds for them! Thank You!