Thursday, October 18, 2012

Christmas Bunting Ornament

This is the third year I'm participating in the Trim the Tree Ornament Swap on flickr, and the first year that I'm not scrambling at the end to finish!

I really adore the little embroidery hoop ornaments, and wanted to try for myself. I made one. It came out cute. Katie approved. So I made more, and decided to do a little tutorial for you.

 First, the fabric. I chose 3 greens and three reds. Make sure they're a small scale print.

I cut approximately 3 " sections and fused them to some heat n bond.

 Cut strips of fused fabric 3/4" wide. I only used one strip of green and one of red to make 6 ornaments. Free hand cut the bunting triangles (approximately a 60 degree angle ~ I tried using a ruler and rotary cutter. Scissors is much easier!)

You'll also need some background fabric. I used osnaburg. Linen would be great. I fused some light weight interfacing to the back for a little stability. And the hoops! These are 3" hoops. I picked them up at JoAnns. They came in bundles of three.

 With a pencil, lightly trace around the outer circle. This will help you keep everything contained!


 With a water soluble pen, freehand draw a little "swag". This will be your registration line to place your bunting.

 Fuse your triangles, following the line you just drew.

 Stitch in place. I shortened my stitch length to 1.8. Start with the triangles, then pivot and stitch the top to connect them. Pull loose thread to the back.

 Now, the scary part. Switch to your free motion foot and free motion embroider the word JOY. (Take a few practice runs. It's not that hard!) Or, if you'd like, you could embroider something here. Maybe stamp it. For me, much quicker to use my machine!

Cut out ornaments, a bit outside of the drawn pencil line, and fit into hoops.

See that little bump at the top of the ornament? Put a dab of hot glue in there and mash it down.
Tighten up your screws.

Trim off any bits sticking out. I used a razor blade. Some small, sharp snips will do.

Cut pieces of felt a bit larger than the hoops. Hot glue to the back then trim excess.

Add a ribbon and you're done!

Happy Joyous Holidays!


Laura said...

These look fun! I may have to make some!

9patchnurse said...

Very cute Heather! I need some little hoops now.

Beverly said...

Those are cute, Heather. Years ago, I made ornaments out of those hoops. I've noticed hoops have kinda made a comeback. Your bunting idea is a great new look for them.

Barb said...

Those do look fun and easy to make...I agree so much with Laura...might have to make a few.

Dawn said...

Adorable :)

Vicki @ DottyJane said...

Cute as can be! They would be awesome teacher gifts:)

craftytammie said...

Those turned out so great!