Thursday, January 2, 2014

Quilting 2013


I was talking to my son the other day. He's 21, and lives a great deal of his life through social media. We were talking about how with Instagram, blogs, Twitter, Facebook and everything else you really only get to see everyone's best. And it can leave you feeling a little deflated.  I've been reading a lot of blog posts, seeing everyone's wrap up of the year. There has been an impressive amount of quilts made out there and I've totally enjoyed the eye candy. However it has me feeling, I don't know, unproductive. Less than. Which is totally crazy. Because I've had a great year quilting.

I did a few pillows:

And a few things with vintage sheets:

A few things for fun:

A few things for charity:

Plus, I had the great fortune to be included in this book:

For which I made this quilt:

And got to hang out with these two at quilt market:

And I had my first Moda Bake Shop feature:

So, overall, it's been a pretty awesome year. 

But still.

Going forward, I don't just want this blog to just be "Hey, here's a quilt I made" (although, I totally get that this is exactly the kind of post I'm making. Old habits, my friend.)

I want my blog to be a little more real. A little more messy. A little more honest.

More tutorials. More mess ups. And maybe even some stuff that has nothing to do with quilting. 


So, I'll be making some changes. 

Nothing major. Or, maybe major. 

We'll see.

I do know that I'm really looking forward to this year. Thanks for reading!

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Sue said...

Looking forward to it. Happy 2014!

Gene Black said...

I enjoy seeing your "here is a quilt I made" posts. I love love LOVE the "Solid Mini" that looks like a wonky four patch log cabin on white background. That is just gorgeous.

Laura said...

I love seeing all of your projects again! I think you got a bunch done and they are wonderful! Strangely, your sig pillow is one of my favs! Remember, this was a crazy year for you and you still got so much done (and you didn't even share your knitting. I'm just sayin'.)

Marcia R said...

I agree that it feels a little intimidating when you see on social media how much some people are doing. I vowed last year to try to just enjoy the process. That's my goal again this year. I have to tell myself it's not a competition.

Marcia R said...

Oh and I love your plus pillow!!