Monday, November 14, 2011

Charlie's Quilt

Charlie was the first person to befriend us when we moved to Baltimore.

Charlie is our designated cat sitter.

Charlie is our contractor, who is fixing our water damage.

Charlie is our friend.

Charlie has cancer.

When someone you care about is sick, you ask the question, what can I do? Over the years, I've learned to go with what I know. I can cook. I can quilt. Charlie gets a quilt.

This is Charlie's quilt. Charlie is a fan of vintage cares, among other things. I found a vintage car panel a few weeks ago when I went shopping with Kathleen. This was the starting point. The rest? Well, I knew it needed to be quick (I started Saturday afternoon, and just threw it in the wash. Charlie starts chemo tomorrow.) I also needed to use my stash. I did purchase the red Kona. (How could I not have any red Kona?) Big 15" log cabinish blocks for the rest. The quilt measures about 45 x 60. Hopefully just the right size to keep him warm during treatment. The backing is this print from Michael Miller (also from our shopping spree.) Charlie is a musician as well.

Big loopy fmq in invisible thread, machine stitched binding, and it's finished. In a few minutes it will be tossed in the dryer, then I'll walk it down to Charlie's house. Please keep Charlie in your prayers.


charlotte said...

Very nice. I have made a couple of those for family members undergoing treatment. They are always appreciated more than anything. A prayer goes up for Charlie.

Rachel said...

Awesome quilt...I will be praying.

Mrs.Pickles said...

what a lovely quilt. I send an extra prayer up for Charlie too

beth said...

I bet Charlie loves this one! What a great way to give him courage.

Kathleen said...

Gosh Heather, I knew you would make something fabulous! I know Charlie will just love it! Great job!