Friday, November 18, 2011


Yes. I cheat.

I've blogged a few times about the South East Early Head Start Program (SEEHS) here in downtown Baltimore. (here, here, and here) One of our guild's projects is to make cloth books for the babies. Some of the gals from the Baltimore MQG have made wonderful, creative, thoughtful books, filled with beautiful fabrics, bits of embroidery and creative I Spy blocks. Me? Nothing. Not that I don't want to. I really do. Timing just isn't working right now. Then last week I popped into the J and found cloth book cheater panels, on clearance ~ and clearance was 50% off! I took it as a sign, bought the three panels left on the bolt, and tried to assuage my guilt.

They're cute, right? Please tell me they're cute. And the babies won't mind that their books don't have any Amy Butler or Anna Marie Horner. Right?


Minerva's World said...

Yes, they're cute. They're adorable.

And I promise not to tell the babies. :-)


Melinda said...

You know what? Love me some Amy Butler and AMH, but their color schemes are not really as color friendly for babies as the ones in your little discount books right there! You did fine!

Michelle said...

The babies will not mind! :-)

Laura said...


sandra said...

They are adorable and the babies will love them. I know my grandbabies loved the ones I made like that and they will like the bright colors.

Patty said...

Yes, they are cute.

Rachel said...

Mind? The babies won't even know...LOL...Save the good stuff till they are old enough! These will soak up drool just as well as more expensive stuff! They are adorable!!!

craftytammie said...

i love the cheater books, i've made a couple mary englebright ones myself. they are still handmade, by you!!

Mrs.Pickles said...

Great looking books!

Dawn said...

Heather they're Cute, Cute, Cute! ..And I love your New York Quilt, Katie has a good eye :)
Have a Happy Thanksgiving!

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