Thursday, May 24, 2012

Rummage Sale Goodies

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Two weeks ago, I went to a church rummage sale with my MIL. Now, I love me a good thrift store, but I had no idea what a treasure trove these church sales are! Oh my goodness. I was absolutely giddy when I found this beauty:

The Bakelite Tray, in great condition, with keys!!

All she needs is a good cleaning on the outside (any ideas how to?) and she's ready to go. But what to put in her? (and I think she needs a name, too.) The initials on the case are V H (very Heather?) Help me name her!

Currently, she's holding these:

Also from the rummage sale. The whole lot of knitting needles? $1. Amazing.

I bought loads more stuff, but don't want to bore you. We'll save it for another day. Have you had any great finds lately?


susan said...

nice score!
what about a baking soda and water paste or bs & vinegar paste?
bs also might freshen the inside if its a bit smelly, just set a dish of some in there for awhile.
great price on the needles. i just saw some little bundles today and they wanted $7!!
i have gotten some good buys recently too but now church sales :o(

bebo821 said...

Nice! I love all the knitting needles. I wouldn't be able to take them out of those packages though. haha I love the packages too on stuff like that.