Sunday, May 29, 2016

A closet full of clothes....

....and nothing to wear.

Except, this is more like: a closet full of quilts, and not a dang one to put on the bed.

Yesterday I decided it was time to get rid of the "winter bed" and break out the "summer bed." With temperatures now reliably in the 70's, it's time to shed the bed of the heavy fleece sheets and double puffy, not very attractive but oh so warm quilt in exchange for lighter, whiter sheets and our summer quilt.

Except we don't have a summer quilt.

We have quilts. Lots of quilts. Not lacking for quilts here. Its just the size that isn't right. I only have two king sizes quilts and don't want to use either one of them (one being the previously mentioned not very attractive one, the other being this one

which I like very much, but it's so 5 years ago. And needs considerable mending.)

So I'm making a new one. And because a king sized quilt does not happen overnight, I think I'm going to reprise this pattern: 

Large blocks (I'll need 9) that go together quickly. Well, as quickly as a king sized quilt can go. I'm optimistic, though, that I will sleep under this quilt by summer's end. Which gives me about 4 months. Easy peasy!
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tink's mom said...

Great choice. Big blocks will go together quickly, especially when you look at your not quite made bed every morning. I'm thinking that will be a good incentive to move forward.

Sarah said...

the new quilt is very sophisticated, but i still like your vintage sheet quilts. so homey :)

Ben Elliott said...


anderson said...

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