Friday, October 7, 2011

Out takes

A few months ago we went to a craft fair in Annapolis. One of the vendors was a photographer who had a lot of cool shots of Washington's landmarks. He mostly had photos, but a few were photos on canvas. Hubby was intrigued. "How do they do that?" I'm thinking, "That's so 2009. Whatever." But then I got to thinking, Aha! Gift idea. And through the magic of groupon, I secured a nice 16 x 20 photo on canvas for cheap. My groupon expiration date is rapidly approaching. So, a couple of weekends ago, I subjected my kids to a photo shoot. Can't show you the real deal yet. Hubby is a follower. Hi honey! But here are some out takes.

Kyle, you so funny.

Yeah, it's cheesey.

Blue steel.

Almost a family photo.


Kathleen said...

Heather, I love it! What a great idea. Where ever you took those pictures makes a great background. I am sure your hubby will love it!

Dawn said...

Lovely photos ~ even for out takes :) You have two beautiful children!

craftytammie said...

these are great!

maggie said...

Dear Heather
I just saw the great tutorial on Journal covers at Madame Samm's I didn't see any where to make a comment, so I thought I'd do it here
I love your blog and also have to agree about Madame Samm. Bless her heart, she just put heart and soul into this wantobe Quilter hop. She is amazingly generous.
Thank you for guesting, I love your work, especially the Dresden Plate.