Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Shopping with Jenn, and other fun stuff.

It's occurred to me that I haven't posted much about quilt projects lately. Most of what I've been working on has been for other people (bee blocks) or super secret (revealed on Saturday) or totally top secret, (to be revealed much later.)

But, I do have a few things to show you...

A few weeks ago I met my friend Jenn for a day of fabric shopping in Amish Country, near Lancaster PA. The town is named Intercourse. Go ahead. Giggle. Get it out of your system. I expected to find a lot of civil war repro stuff (which I did) but they also had bolts and bolts of modern lines. Tons of Moda. And, the prices were great! Here's my loot:

If that wasn't enough to make me giddy (close to 15 yards worth), Jenn also gave me a pile of scraps and some figgy pudding yardage, just 'cause she's awesome! I had to dig into the scraps. This is now a pillow top for Katie Cakes (maybe a Christmas present.)

Still more scraps made their way into coffee cozies and a Farmer's Wife Block. Still others worked their way into my super secret project (stay tuned for Saturday!)

 I still have quite a bit left. But, had to put them away to get to some other projects.

And now to my bee blocks. These are from my 3 x 6 bee-mates. I think I have about 30 "black and white with a splash of bright" blocks now. Plenty for a quilt top. A good project for 2012!

And these are the blocks from my 4 x 5 modern bee. This is my first round, so just the starting point for quilt later next year.

Surely I've done some other things. They may still be in the cave. Or, maybe I just need to sew more!


Julie said...

I shopped in Intercourse last fall and had a great time! I was searching for CW reproductions and found some of them, but so much more! I couldn't believe the prices either. Some were $4 less per yard than I pay in Utah. I'm jealous that you're close enough to go often!

Barb said...

Love the fabrics and blocks!!

Kathleen said...

Heather call me next time! I would love a road trip to PA. Your blocks are fabulous!

susan said...

i live somewhat near shipshewana and have been wanting to go for ages. sounds like you had a great time. such gorgeous blocks. im especially enamored with the one with the blue background in the bottom photo

Unknown said...

Wow you have an awesome blog and I will defeintly be back. Thanks so much for the tutorial on Madame samm's blog today and it is perfect timeing as I just got all the supplies to do my jouranl covers for a few chritmas presents. Take care and I have become a follower.

Chelsea said...

I can't believe you found that old, old Heather Ross in a store! Major score!