Sunday, October 23, 2011

Quilt Wrecks

Do you know about Cake Wrecks? This is some serious lol stuff. Literally. LOL. So funny. My sister in law, Andrea, told be about them (Jen and john) a couple of years ago. Well, turns out, they just came out with their new book, Wreck the Halls, and are on a book tour that stopped, in all places of Pikesville in Baltimore which is like 10 minutes from my house. Andrea, being all cakey like she is, came up from Reston to be part of the festivities. And festive they were! Elena, from Charm City Cakes brought a cake wreck of her own (which we got to eat later, yum!)

Jen and john did a little slide show, a little slap stick, a little song (no dance). It was hilarious. Part of the fun was a contest. The audience was invited to create a previously featured cake wreck in miniature cupcake form. Andrea entered last year and came in second. This year, she was in it to win it. This is her entry:

If you can't quite tell what it is (what, it's not obvious?) this is a cesarean cake complete with afterbirth. Duh.
And this is Andrea with her WINNING! cake wreck:

And this is Andrea with author Jen and Andrea's winning cake wreck and Andrea sporting her new Cake Wreck Apron! Way to go, Andrea!

And now to the quilty part.

After a really fun afternoon, my mind kept going from Cake Wreck to, of course, Quilt Wreck.

Can there be such a thing as a quilt wreck? Yes. I think so.

Exhibit A

This is one of the very first quilts I made. I'm not so much a heart fan, so don't know why I made this. Are you enjoying the stunning variety of cranston prints? Fancy! Let me zoom you a little closer on the binding:

Yup, that's bias tape all right! A bit yellowed from age. Check out my awesome hand stitching skills! (BTW, that would be the hanging loop.)

Here's another Quilt Wreck for you:

Wait, you say. That's not a wreck. It's a stunning, vintage, hand pieced and quilted diamond thingy.
And I would agree with you. Except it's been turned into this beauty:

A Quilted Vest?!  What?? Awesome! Perfect with red sweat pants. (Thanks for modeling, Katie!)

(Disclaimer: I did not wreck this quilt. If anything, I saved it. I purchased it in this form at a garage sale several years ago. And no, I have never worn it. At least not in public.)

So, there you go. Two Quilt Wrecks. Got one to share? Email it to me (email addy in my profile) and I'll feature it on my blog!

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susan said...

oh! im sorry but i did lol at your binding and hanging bits. we have to start somewhere right?? are you planning on cutting the vest down into other bits or do you wear it around the house? hehe
i will have to dig out my first project...misguided quilted antimacassars!!