Friday, April 15, 2011

Another Tote Bag? Really?

That's what my daughter said when I showed her this one I made the other day:
I'm of the persuasion that you need a different tote bag for every occaision, every task. This will be my farmers market bag. I was going to wait until a trip to JoAnns, 50% coupon in hand, and pick out some cute home dec fabric - you know - something botanical, so that the nice farmer's market people will recognize me as one of their own. But then I remembered this hot pink number, left over from a bulletin board project for ladybug. Turns out I had exactly enough, I mean, down to the 1/4 inch, with only a minor haircut on the untidy ends, to make this. I took that as a sign. I used Alexandra's tutorial. Very clear, easy to understand tut. Of course, I had the tutorial on screen in my office. My sewing room is in the basement. So there were many trips up and down two flights of stairs checking and rechecking directions. I do have a laptop in the basement. I was down to step 12 before I thought to use it. Hey, at least I got a good workout! First time for me doing french seams - a perfect technique for this bag.

I think I'll break it in and go strawberry picking next week. See if the farmers approve.

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