Saturday, April 16, 2011

Bee and Swap Round Up

I kind of over committed myself with swaps. Back in January, 7 swaps didn't seem like too much. I'm so glad that the last package went out Wednesday.
My partner hasn't commented on it yet. But, she did want buckets, RRR and Central Park. Hope this fits the bill! (This just in - she likes it, she really likes it!)

In bee land, it's the final month of Not Your Granmother's Quilting Bee. Gratefully, it's my month! People are making blocks for me!
Honey Bees April 1

My friend Mary made this one.
 This is for Lucia in Sew Fun 2. Love the Denyse (not from Joanns!)
 For Sonia in Bee Vintage. She designed this block herself!

For Marissa in Bee Vintage. This one was tricky - lots of matchy matchy points. But I love how it turned out.
February was my month in Bee Vintage. I requested Dresdens! Aren't they beautiful?? I'm still waiting on a few more. Can't wait to get this put together.


Sonia said...

love my blocks! You chose great patterns.

Skooks said...

All of these look so great! Especially mine. ;)

Anonymous said...

You were in 7!!!! Wow. Just need to stitch yours down, and then mail it off...sadly that can be the slow part too, but I will try to get them out late this week.

blessings, jilly

Heather said...

Marissa! Ha! I love them all!!

susan said...

loving all the bee blocks. i really like the one for marisa. i need to do something with my vintage sheets