Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Trees and Owls and Birdies

All in a journal?! Come on. It's perfect. Want to know what makes it more perfect?
From the dollar bin at Target.
I'm a sucker for notebooks, journals, composition notebooks ~ really, anything that can be written or drawn in. Throw some cute trees and owls on it, and I can't resist. Print it on brown paper, so I think that it's recycled and therefore I'm doing my part for the environment, I'm all over it. I even bought a lunch bag in the same cute print, so that when Katie Cakes takes her lunch to school, she's not killing a branch.
When I opened the cover of one, I found this page. Don't know what it means. Looks like edamame. Wait. Maybe it's made out of recycled take out menus. Anyway, for a buck, it's cute.


Sonia said...

I love the target dollar spot. Thats the very first thing I do when I go into target. Go straight for the dollar section.

Skooks said...

LOL - "kill a branch"