Sunday, May 15, 2011

I Almost Broke up with Coffee Today....

It wasn't you, dear coffee. It was me. Last week I noticed the "on" button on the coffee maker was flickering on and off. I basically ignored it, thought it was a bad bulb. No prob. I guess it really was a prob, because said coffee maker quit. Still no prob, we have a back up. So, I hauled out the new/old machine, and it makes perfectly fine coffee.

My usual morning routine is wake up, feed the cats, make the coffee, make Katie's lunch. Or, if it's a weekend, like today, replace lunch making with cleaning up the dishes from the night before. This morning, I broke the routine. Bad idea. Cats, coffee, then went down to the studio to fiddle with fabric. Came back five minutes later to find 8 of the 10 cups of coffee I was brewing spilled all over the counter top, the floor, and into the four drawers beneath the coffee maker. What a mess. Turns out the old coffee maker had an automatic shut off thing so that it won't brew when the pot isn't in the maker. The back up machine has no such feature. And so, when I forgot to put the actual pot into the coffee maker, it just brewed all over the place. Half a roll of paper towels and seven curse words later, things are still a mess, but not quite as soggy. I had been meaning to reorganize those drawers anyway.

Plus, I did manage to salvage two cups of coffee.

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