Sunday, May 1, 2011

I {heart} OPS

Other People's Scraps. Their scraps are so much better than my scraps. Mine suck. So when Lucia from one of my bees said we could keep the scraps from her blocks, IF we made two blocks, I was all over it. Lucia asked us to make improvised log cabins using some yummy Denyse Schmidt County Fair in home dec weight. Here's the blocks I made for her:
Cute, right?
The leftovers sat around for a while, until I started to play with them yesterday. I laid them out, and came up with a piece about 11 x 16. I knew what to do! I love to write, and I journal {almost} every day. My go-to journals are just plain 'ole compostition books, unless someone gives me a fancy one as a gift. ;-) So, to fancy up the boring kind, I made this:
 Front. (Notice cute covered button - my first!)

I loooove this so much! And I used every last little scrap that was left. This was really easy to make. Let me know if you want a tutorial. Or, better yet, send me some of your much better than my scraps, and I'll do a tutorial and make one for you!


Tezzcan said...

Love the cover, does the cat come with?

Linda said...

I got some scraps for ya! And really, you can't make an OPS cover tute with your scraps...that's cheating!

Kathy said...

the cat really cracks me up

tusen said...

this definitely gives your journal a new quality.
I love the cat photo :D

Heather said...

Send them, Linda! I'll whip you up a little something!