Monday, May 2, 2011

A New Camera Strap Cover

I was hoping to receive one in a recent swap I was in. *sniff* Didn't happen. So, I made my own.  A little Anna Maria Horner, some batting and some linen and there ya go.
Down and dirty directions: there's a bazillion tutes out there. Mine is probably a little combo platter of all I've seen. Basically, a piece of patchwork that measures 2.5"x26", a piece of lined or backing fabric, same size. A piece of fusible fleece or similar 2"x24". (I didn't have any, so used heat and bond to fuse batting to the center of the linen piece.) After fusing, I did a few lines of straight stitches down the length of the linen piece. I didn't fully line this piece because 1. forgot  2. lazy 3. I like to change these out every so often, so don't need it to last decades. Not that this won't, but no guarantees. Anyway, seam up one side of the patchwork piece and linen piece, right sides together, along the long side, 1/4" seam. Press well. On the short ends, fold under 1/2", then another 1/2", pressing well. I did 3 rows of stitching, just to secure. After the ends are turned, sew up the other long side, again, right sides together. Then turn it right side out. I actually have a fancy turner thingy. I'd go look up the name, but I'm upstairs and it's in the basement studio. I'll check it out later. Whatever you use, it's not hard. Turn it and give it a good pressing. Then, unhook one side of your camera strap from your camera (trying to remember how it goes back together - this is important!) Slide your new cover over, hook your camera back up and you're finished. Admire your fashionable new camera and start taking more fashionable photos!

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